| The Purpose

I love liberty — I love capitalism, and both go hand in hand. On this site, in my blog posts, in the examples that I put forth, I will illustrate the principles and importance of liberty and capitalism. I will enthusiastically promote the principles introduced BY our Founding Fathers and IN CREATING our Founding Documents. There is a lack of constitutional truth at the present, and I’m out to do my part to change that.

As I promote liberty and capitalism, it makes sense to point out the dangers of tyranny as well as the flaws in a govt controlled/influenced economy. Socialists, tyrants, and dictators are in great contrast with the principles of liberty, capitalism, and free will. I believe in 2015, the United States is experiencing soft tyranny forced upon us by our elected and non-elected leaders in D.C. I firmly believe that a society that doesn’t constantly fight for liberty and the free markets will lose such freedoms and opportunities. My blog posts will be concise and relevant to our current situation, and I’ll use personal experiences as well as examples from others as I expand on the aforementioned topics.
I leave you with the words spoken in 1775 by Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Stay primal…


ludwig von mises

Ludwig Von Mises (1881-1973)

Austrian economist & social philosopher; leader in economic theory; prolific author..

friedrich a hayek

Friedrich A. Hayek (1899-1992)

Austrian economist; founder of the Mises Institute; author of The Road to Serfdom (1944).

ayn rand

Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

Novelist and philosopher; works such as The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged to The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, Ayn was a champion of reason, rational self-interest, & laissez-faire capitalism.


milton friedman

Milton Friedman (1912-2006)

Leader in economics, capitalism and the free markets; senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution; two notable books are Capitalism & Freedom as well as Free To Choose: A Personal Statement.

Walter E. Williams (1936-2020)

Leader in & professor of economics; author of hundreds of publications; no stranger to TV and radio; defender of liberty, limited government, and capitalism.

thomas sowell

Thomas Sowell

Leader in & professor of economics; author of hundreds of publications; defender of liberty, limited government, and capitalism.


Rush Limbaugh (1951-2021)

An American radio personality, conservative political commentator, author, and television show host. He was best known as the host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, which was nationally syndicated on AM and FM radio stations.

Alan Keyes

An American conservative political activist, pundit, author, perennial candidate, and former ambassador.

mark levin

Mark Levin

Constitutional scholar; America’s top radio talk show host; star of LevinTV; author of best-selling books; dog lover.